Best winter timetable drink honey water

Many of my friends have a daily habit of drinking honey water, suitable for winter drink honey water? Honey and water for drinking in what time? Winter is also very suitable to drink honey water, especially in low temperature gradually, the situation of the human body function weakened next, honey drink warm water can help quickly restore physical fitness, enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, reducing possible due to low temperatures in cold and cough and other small trouble, drink honey water at specific time which is best?

① morning drink of honey, you can quickly supplement the physical, so that there is plenty of spirit one day

Practice: up every morning, fasting drink a cup of cold water or warm a little spoonful of boiled water can be.

② afternoon cup of honey water to replenish their energy

3, 4 o’clock every afternoon, between lunch and dinner comes, but also the energy consumption of the largest and most fatigue, this time the body is in “starvation” state, time to add a cup of warm honey water, both for chaos in the brain fragrant scent in some sober, but also to add some sugar and energy, vitality provides the foundation for the next two or three hours of work and life.

At the same time, also honey water and yogurt, mixed fruit and vegetable juices and other food, so that the body to add more nutrients.

Practice: tea time, to prepare for themselves a cup of honey and milk or honey tea.

③ before going to bed a cup of honey water sedative sleep aids

Chinese saying goes: “Zhao Zhao salt, honey soup every evening.” He said means: get up early every day fasting drink salt water, drink honey water every night before going to bed.

The glucose in honey, vitamins can regulate the nervous system function, relieve nervous tension and promote sleep, and no side effects. A cup of honey water before bed can help relieve your mood, improve sleep quality.

Practice: a spoonful of honey to drink before going to bed with cold boiled water better.

④ cup of honey water after meals to aid digestion digestion

Honey has a regulatory role on gastrointestinal function, allows normal gastric acid secretion. After eating, especially after satiation, stomach digestive function tends to decrease, bowel movements weakened.

The enhancement of peristalsis honey, can promote normal gastric acid secretion, can significantly shorten the time of defecation, eliminate food plot after meal.

Method: After 1-2 hours after a meal, eat a cup of honey water.

⑤ cup of honey water before meals to inhibit gastric acid

Honey has an important impact on gastric acid secretion affect gastric acid secretion too much or too little, honey may play a regulatory role in the normalization of gastric acid secretion activity.

As one half hour before meals eaten honey, which inhibit gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing food irritation of the gastric mucosa.

Practice: 0.5-1 hours of time before eating, eating half a cup of honey water.