Black coffee can protect the liver

Researchers at the Osaka City University Hospital in Japan found that drinking more than one cup of freshly brewed coffee a day can improve liver function in patients with chronic hepatitis C. The study was published in the American academic journal Public Library of Science.

Osaka City University Affiliated Hospital for 376 patients aged 20-80 years with type C chronic hepatitis, the number of ALT enzyme changes (the number of ALT enzymes will increase with the damage of liver cells, usually used as indicators of liver function) and coffee frequency The relationship between them was investigated. The results showed that the number of ALT enzymes in most people who maintained more than one cup of freshly brewed coffee per day for one year remained within the normal range compared with those who did not. And the greater the amount of coffee, the more significant the liver protection effect. The researchers also found that there is no corresponding liver protection effect for canned coffee drinks, instant coffee and caffeine-free coffee.