Can brown sugar and ginger water be drunk for a long time?

For most girls, there are so many days in each month that are not particularly comfortable. You are not mistaken. What we are talking about is the girl’s physiological cycle. However, I don’t know when it started, a bowl of brown sugar and ginger water has suddenly become an artifact to relieve dysmenorrhea in the eyes of many people. So the question is, can it really relieve dysmenorrhea? How does regular drinking affect my body?

Can brown sugar ginger water relieve dysmenorrhea?
Of course, some people will put forward different opinions, saying that this is a treatment in Chinese medicine, brown sugar and ginger water does have a certain nourishing effect. However, don’t forget that brown sugar also has the effect of dispersing blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, so if you drink brown sugar water during menstruation, aren’t you afraid of increasing blood volume?

In fact, we are not opposed to the warming effect of brown sugar, and we also admit that ginger has the effect of warming the cold. However, Chinese medicine pays attention to the treatment based on evidence. Symptomatic drinking of brown sugar and ginger water is certainly effective. If it is not symptomatic, the effect will not be obvious. The more severe the disease, the more counterproductive. Brown sugar ginger water only has a relief effect on cold coagulation type dysmenorrhea: that is, lower abdominal cold pain or cramps during menstruation, hot compress pain reduction, less menstruation, dark purple, blood clots, and pain relief after blood clots fall. Usually, the chills are cold, the tongue is dark or purple, or there are spots, and the moss is white and slippery.

Drinking brown sugar and ginger water, how does it affect your body?
In fact, whether it is to relieve dysmenorrhea or as a daily health care, taking brown sugar ginger water is best to be symptomatic, otherwise it will not be able to play its role.

In addition, if the brown sugar you buy is not the real “brown sugar”, but industrially manufactured red sugar, then not only will it not be able to achieve a nourishing effect, it will also lead to excessive calories due to long-term drinking of sugar water and cause obesity. The real brown sugar is a natural food made by the indigenous method, also called plate sugar. In traditional Chinese medicine, it can be used as a “medicine”.

Real brown sugar, in addition to sweet, is also nutritious, rich in calcium, iron and other minerals, manganese, zinc, chromium, etc. also contain more than white sugar. It also contains a certain amount of vitamin B2, carotene, nicotinic acid, and niacin, etc. These components have a certain promotion effect on the human body.

I am a drug therapy junior. In general, drinking hot water during menstruation can at least warm up the body, increase energy, speed up blood circulation and achieve the effect of alleviating dysmenorrhea, which is similar to hot compresses. If you want to use brown sugar ginger water for relief, you must first dialectify. It is really unbearable, you may wish to use painkillers, this effect is even more immediate, it should be noted that the painkillers are best taken 1-2 days before menstruation, and it is best to eat during or after meals.