Can hypertensive patients eat sweet potatoes?

Good or bad is still the word “moderate”. It is actually beneficial if hypertension patients are willing to eat a moderate amount of sweet potatoes. The content of potassium in sweet potatoes is high, and 130g potassium is contained in 100g. Potassium helps sodium metabolism. If hypertensive patients have too much salt intake and increase sodium ion intake, it may cause water and sodium retention and increase blood volume, further aggravating hyperlipidemia, potassium can promote sodium ion excretion and maintain ion balance and stability. Extravascular osmotic pressure and stable blood pressure can help prevent excessive sodium ion intake and aggravate hypertension symptoms.

In addition, sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. 100g of sweet potatoes can provide 1.6g of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber can help inhibit the absorption of some cholesterol, fat, and sugar. It is beneficial for smoothing blood sugar and controlling fat, especially if sweet potatoes are used as a staple food instead of fine grains. Not only helps to increase mineral intake, but also increases satiety, stabilizes postprandial blood glucose, and is beneficial to patients with three highs.

However, the sweet potato’s carbohydrate content is really a bit high, 100g can provide 23g carbohydrates, and its glycemic speed is higher than that of potatoes, so it is not suitable for three high patients to eat more. Blood sugar, hyperlipidemia patients may eat too much sugar and cause obesity, and obesity is not good for patients with high sugar, high fat, high blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, sweet potatoes are more suitable as a staple food, but you should also pay attention to the intake of sweet potatoes in a meal. It is recommended to consume 1 ~ 2 small touches of coarse grains and cereals, plus one punch-sized potato foods, of course. Potatoes can be sweet potatoes; sweet potatoes must not be eaten. Sweet potatoes are high in sugar. These sugars are welcomed by the microbes in the stomach and intestines. They actively digest them to decompose a large amount of gas, which causes flatulence and fart. Secretion may cause gastric acid reflux, or severe contraction caused by gastric acid stimulation, causing nausea and vomiting.

Except for the high sugar content of sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are actually a very good vegetable. Sweet potatoes are rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins. In addition to potassium, sweet potatoes are also rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. Contains a lot of vitamin C and rich vitamin A, vitamin B family. Sweet potato is low in fat and low in heat. It should not be fattened if you eat appropriate food instead of staple food. Sweet potatoes contain special mucin, which can relieve fatigue, and rich in sugar, can quickly relieve damage. However, note that sweet potatoes are best eaten after they are cooked. Its dietary fiber is hard, rich, and difficult to digest. The starch particles of sweet potatoes do not destroy the structure after being heated at high temperatures, and are difficult to digest. And vomiting.