Can the raisins be kept in the refrigerator?

Can the raisins be placed in the refrigerator?

The raisins can be kept in the refrigerator. Since the raisins are a fruit that is not easy to preserve, it is recommended that you buy it as soon as possible after buying it. If you can’t finish it, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it at low temperature. In the environment, you can make it slower and deteriorate due to ripeness.

After putting the raisins in the refrigerator, the temperature should be adjusted to about 0 degrees and the humidity should be around 96%. In such an environment, the raisins can be better preserved, and it should be noted that the raisins are best not to be mixed with other fruits. Vegetables and even meat are stored together, so that not only will it taste, but other fruits and vegetables will release ethylene. It will ripen the seeds, which is not conducive to preservation.

In addition, put the raisins in the refrigerator, do not wash, that is to say, after we buy the raisins, you should wash how much to eat, do not wash at once, will not be washed, there is a layer of frost The raisins are kept in the refrigerator to maintain their original taste and flavor.

How long can the raisins stay in the refrigerator?

We all know that the raisins can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, so how long can it be kept in the refrigerator? In fact, this time is as short as possible. If it is properly preserved, it can be done for a week, but at this time, the taste of the raisin is already very poor, and the water is also lost a lot. Not only is it not good to eat, but the nutrients are also lost. A lot, the value of food is not big.

If the raisins bought from the market are placed in the refrigerator, it is best to eat them in two or three days, so that the raisins can be kept fresh. If they are freshly picked, they can be put for about 7 or 8 days. The nutrition of the raisins has not been drained and hastened to eat. Do not leave it for too long. Although the refrigerator is a good way to preserve food, but it can not be too dependent on it, the food in the refrigerator will still be contaminated, such as the raisins in the refrigerator, other vegetables and fruits will not only taste with it, but also The release of substances that accelerate the deterioration of the raisins shortens the preservation time of the raisins and has a great influence on taste and nutrition.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy the raisins that you can’t finish, don’t wash them, put them in the refrigerator, but it’s best to eat them in 2-3 days, not more than a week, so you can taste the taste of the raisins. It is nutritious and moisturized.

How to save the raisins?

If you want to put it in the refrigerator, don’t wash it. Put it in a plastic bag or paper bag and put it in the refrigerator to prevent the water from escaping. You can also put a few holes in the plastic bag to keep the raisins in the The refrigerator can keep it ventilated, avoiding the accumulation of water vapor and causing the rot to rot.

Some people like to wash all the raisins, and then put them in the refrigerator, this is actually not the right way. A layer of white creamy substance on the surface of the raisin is a substance that can maintain the freshness of the raisin. After washing, it will not only wash off this layer of material, but also easily deteriorate the raisin.

In addition, the washed raisins are put into the refrigerator to increase the humidity of the refrigerator, which is easy to breed bacteria, and it is easy to cause the rot to deteriorate.