Can vinegar really protect blood vessels and lower blood sugar?

Today, it is unfounded to talk about jealous blood sugar lowering blood pressure. It is unreasonable to rely on jealousy to control blood sugar.

Let’s take a look at the effects of blood sugar. Can these effects be alleviated by jealousy?
(1) Effects on metabolism: Due to the metabolism of sugar in diabetes, abnormal blood sugar metabolism and metabolism will lead to excessive sugar in the blood; sugar in the blood needs to pass through the kidney, so there will be diabetic nephropathy, diabetic hypertension. Wait. The ingredients in the vinegar can not break down the sugar, and the decomposition of sugar has a special staff “insulin”.

(2) Can vinegar protect blood vessels and soften plaques? Hyperglycemia can damage the endothelium of blood vessels, and it also increases the viscosity of blood. Therefore, people with diabetes are prone to atherosclerosis, cerebral infarction, and myocardial infarction.

Can vinegar soften blood vessels that are hardened by hyperglycemia? Can not, edible vinegar does contain a certain amount of acetic acid, although acetic acid can soften some plaques of calcification, but after the body’s digestion, the consumption of vinegar through the body into the blood is not a component of acetic acid.

(3) Hyperglycemia not only damages blood vessels, but also damages nerves: so people with diabetes often experience a feeling of skin loss in the limbs, which is not sensitive to temperature, pain, etc., which causes some people to be blistered with water and feel Not strong, mainly small blood vessels that damage local neurotrophy.

For the damage of nerves and peripheral blood vessels, there is no way to repair vinegar, and there is no effective ingredient to repair nutrient nerve fibers.

Therefore, eating vinegar does not have such a large effect, and taking it on an empty stomach may also damage the gastric mucosa. The main function of vinegar is to serve as a seasoning to increase appetite.

For the diabetic population, it is important to follow the doctor’s advice. For the diet, instead of thinking about drinking vinegar, you should pay attention to the control of sugary food.