Can vitamin C be eaten on an empty stomach?

Vitamins are one of the nutrients needed for human growth. People consume vitamins mainly from foods and various supplements. Vitamin C can improve immunity and help the body fight against viruses. Therefore, vitamin C supplementation is a common health measure for many families. So, can vitamin C be eaten on an empty stomach?

Vitamin C is a C that promotes the biosynthesis of collagen and facilitates faster healing of wounds. Vitamin C can improve the metabolism of fats and lipids, especially cholesterol, and can better prevent cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, if you take some vitamin C in oral or mucosal diseases, it also has a good auxiliary treatment effect, just like bleeding gums. Oral ulcers to eat some vitamin C can promote wound healing, but how to eat vitamin C is pay attention to.

Vitamin C should not be eaten on an empty stomach

Vitamin C is best not to eat on an empty stomach. Because vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, and the main absorption work depends on the small intestine, eating vitamins on an empty stomach can easily lead to too much stomach acid and difficult to digest, so the best time to eat should be after meals, full motility in the stomach after meals. After that, the absorption effect is the best.

Do not overdose vitamin C

Under normal circumstances, the vitamin C in our daily diet is enough for the body, even if it needs to be supplemented, it needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. For vitamin C health care products, it should also be taken care of when taking it, and it cannot be relied on for a long time. Otherwise, vitamin C dependence may be formed, and once stopped, negative effects may occur, such as swelling and loosening of the gums, loosening, and the like.

Kidney stones patients can not eat

If you take more than 4 grams of vitamin C per day, it is easy to cause urinary calcium oxalate stones and kidney stones. In severe cases, hematuria and renal colic will occur. Therefore, vitamin C is good, but it also needs to be taken under the guidance of a physician.