Can you eat prunes to relieve stomach pain?

When it comes to plum, people who know Japan may be familiar, but some people don’t know what it is. After the meditation “Wangmei quenches thirst”, the plums are dried and pickled, and they become plums, that is, plums without food processing. It is said that eating a dried plum can relieve when the stomach hurts. Is this true? The Japanese Health Encyclopedia invites a professional physician, Nakano Rimi, to answer your questions.

As described in the idiom of “Wangmei Quoke”, the natural plum has a sour taste. When people think of the “Plum” salivary gland, they will produce conditioned reflexes to secrete saliva and achieve the effect of “thirst quenching”. The amylase contained in saliva can promote the digestion of starch. Therefore, when eating too much bloating, many people will choose to contain a few plums to help digestion.

In the past, if there was a feeling of nausea or bloating in the form of food poisoning or hangover, eating prunes can relieve the symptoms well. From the scientific analysis of the health effects of plum dry, it is a recent period of time.

The sour taste of prunes is mainly citric acid, which has functions of promoting gastrointestinal function, increasing appetite and promoting protein digestion. It is also said that prunes can inhibit bad bacteria in the bacteria in the intestine, so it also has a certain intestinal effect.

The results show that citric acid and formaldehyde contained in prunes have the effect of inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria, which is why most Japanese people like to put a prunes in rice balls or in the stool, which not only can be seasoned, but also prevent food from deteriorating. ,affect health. The deformation and movement of Helicobacter pylori induce gastric cancer, while the plum contains ingredients that inactivate this bacterium, and its preventive effect on gastric cancer has also been scientifically recognized.

In summary, recent research on prunes suggests that prunes have antimicrobial activity and are beneficial to the digestive system, but they are not supported by research data that are sufficiently reliable for human effectiveness. Therefore, whether eating prunes really has the effect of relieving abdominal pain in clinical practice, and there is no clear clinical data support. The effect may actually vary from person to person, and the research on the health attributes of prunes continues. I believe that there will be more powerful data about Meigan in the near future.

Therefore, at the current stage, if mild abdominal pain occurs, try to relieve by eating prunes, but if the abdominal pain is severe and lasting, it is best to seek medical advice promptly.