Can you eat some fried eggshells with too much stomach acid?

Mr. Yang, Zhengzhou, Henan Consulting: Because of the working relationship, the old needs to be entertained, and it is inevitable to drink big wine. Half a year ago, I started to feel a stomachache. When I ate something, I always felt heartburn and pantothenic acid. Later, I heard from friends that it is effective to eat scrambled egg shells. May I ask experts, is there a scientific basis, how to operate?

Tian Shuan, a lecturer at the College of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, answers: Modern people have irregular diets, and many people have poor gastrointestinal functions. Many times, hyperacidity is only a symptom, and there may be many reasons for it. Therefore, people with this disease should go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination to determine the cause. If you have ruled out serious organic lesions, you can still try the recipe.

The main component of the eggshell is calcium carbonate, which has an acid-suppressing effect. The powder that is ground into the stomach covers the surface of the inflammation or ulcer, which can lower the concentration of gastric acid and protect the gastric mucosa. The eggshell also contains 3.2% protein, 1.0% magnesium carbonate, 2.8% calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate. These substances are good for the body. The specific operation method of the fried eggshell is: wash the eggshell and break it into a wok, stir fry with a simmer (not focus), and then grind it, and the finer the better. Serve with boiled water, 2~3 times a day, 3~5g each time. After the effect, the dosage is reduced.

In addition, the inner membrane of the eggshell has the effect of protecting the gastric mucosa. According to the literature, many Chinese medicine practitioners in the Qing Dynasty and modern times liked this medicine as a prescription. In the traditional Chinese medicine for treating stomach diseases, adding one or two phoenix clothes as medicine primers during decocting can increase the curative effect.

Need to be reminded that if it does not work after two weeks of use, patients must go to the hospital for further examination and treatment, so as not to delay the disease.