Can’t eat cucumber with flowers?

Recently, a video of “toxic cucumbers cannot be eaten” has been circulating on the Internet: “Cucumbers on the market have small yellow flowers on their heads, which looks fresh, but they are artificially added with growth hormone similar to birth control pills …” Can you eat your cucumber?

What people call ‘hormones’ is actually the use of plant growth regulators. According to the law of natural growth, cucumbers grow slowly. By the time the cucumbers are harvested, their yellow flowers will naturally fall off.

Plant growth regulators are chemically synthesized. According to China’s “Pesticide Management Regulations”, plant growth regulators are managed in accordance with pesticides. The use of such substances by farmers can promote cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables to grow quickly, yield high, and grow tender. “As long as this substance is not used in excessive amounts, it will not harm the health of the plant itself, and excessive use will cause fruit deformities,” Cai Le said. At present, plant growth regulators have been widely used in promoting seed germination, flowering, flower and fruit protection, preventing shedding, and promoting seed setting, and have played a huge role in agricultural production.

“The statement that cucumbers with flowers are toxic and cannot be eaten is actually a rumor.” Cai Le said that in current scientific research, humans have not found that plant growth regulator residues in vegetables and fruits have effects on humans and animals. . Therefore, with a safe amount of compliant plant growth regulators, people can eat cucumbers with flowers without problems. In addition, some cucumbers grown in greenhouses will carry flowers when they mature, but the small yellow flowers of cucumbers will not be so yellow.