Causes and treatment of insomnia

The pace of life in modern society is accelerating, and more and more people stay up all night. If you don’t sleep after 11pm, you will experience insomnia slowly. So what is the cause of insomnia? How should it be treated?

First, in clinical practice, the most common type of insomnia is caused by heart and kidney. What is the so-called heart and kidney? The heart is the south, the south is the fire, and the heart is the fire. This is the separation from the Yijing. The kidney is the north, the north is the water, and the kidney is the image of water. This is the rough in the Book of Changes. If the heart and kidney do not pay, this phenomenon is very bad, it is not good, that is, the heart is inflammation, the kidney water is down.

If the virtual fire trembles and the virtual fire disturbs the human mind above, people will not fall asleep easily. If you take this heart down and let the kidneys go, this will form a very good image, that is, both, so that you can treat insomnia caused by heart and kidney.

Second, dinner is too full, it will also cause insomnia, that is, “the stomach is not harmonious and restless.” If you eat a lot of things at night, then the vitality and all the blood and blood should be used to digest the food, so the yang can not run smoothly to the head. How to treat this kind of insomnia? In a word, eat less at night. In ancient China, health care even required us to “not eat in the afternoon.”

Why do you want to eat less at night? In the morning when the sun has just risen, the yang can turn everything. So, in the morning, it doesn’t matter how much you eat, because the yang inside the body can digest the food. In the evening, there will be a sullen atmosphere. This is yin. At this time of the child, anything is not easy to open, so to eat less at night, it is not easy to digest, and it will cause harm to the human body.

Therefore, everyone must sleep at 11 o’clock in the evening, because this time is raising the yang that was just born. If you don’t rest at this time, if the yang is not raised, it will dissipate the most precious vitality.