Coriander white radish ginger can be fever

There is news in the WeChat circle that children can use the coriander ginger white radish soup to lower the fever after fever. Experts believe that this statement has certain effects, but it is too absolute. Although it is suitable for some primary diseases, if the disease is aggravated or repeated, it should still be Seek medical attention promptly and seek formal medical intervention.

The three dishes of coriander, white radish and ginger have recently been “fired” in the WeChat circle.

One such WeChat is widely circulated among mothers: “My highly skilled doctor friends strongly recommend that everyone turn! Children do not have infusion of fever, three kinds of vegetables to kill, and then a serious cold, just right! Telling your mother a recipe for fever, is given by an old Chinese doctor when the child is sick. Coriander leaves 3 to 4 leaves and roots, 2 to 3 white radishes, 1 to 2 slices of ginger, plus sugar and water Cook for 15 minutes. Wait until the temperature is moderate for the child to drink. The child will sweat and get hot after drinking. The mothers can give it a try, the effect is very good…” This widely circulated WeChat also reminded the mothers: “In the child When you are sick and have a fever, don’t give your child a fever-reducing medicine or an infusion. There is a Chinese medicine practitioner who tells me that as long as you give your child a fluid, most of the children will get sick for one to one and a half months because of the deterioration of immune function. ”

If you have a serious cold, would you like to eat three kinds of soup? In this regard, Cui Xia, director of the Department of Pediatrics of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said that this prescription does have the effect of Xin Wen Jie Jie, digestion and stomach. It has certain auxiliary effects on the treatment of children’s colds, can spread cold and sweat, and promote the stomach. Intestinal digestion, but expecting these three dishes to treat all the colds, “too absolute.” Cui Xia said that this formula is suitable for feeling the cold, the beginning of the cold, the body temperature is not particularly high, slightly drooling, no obvious sore throat children. “In fact, the cold is caused by a virus. In the initial stage, pay attention to rest. Drinking boiled water can also help the recovery of the cold.” Cui Xia explained that the Chinese medicine said that the cold, Western medicine is called upper respiratory tract infection. There are common colds and colds (ie, flu), herpes angina, tonsillitis, etc. are all upper respiratory tract infections. Children with fever of more than 38.5 degrees Celsius must not expect to drink water or these three dishes to repel fever, not only If you don’t have heat, you may also help with heat. If necessary, you should still take antipyretics. “This is mainly because the child’s thermoregulatory system and nervous system are still not perfect. Some children may have high fever and convulsions if they continue to have a high fever.” For those children who are caused by bacterial infections, use antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor.

Cui Xia said that she had received a 4-year-old child and had a fever for 5 days. Her mother insisted on non-drug treatment and went to the hospital to find that she was already pneumonia. Many diseases show fever at the beginning of the disease. If the child does not retreat, he will see a doctor. In terms of infusion, there are also parents who are “extremely extreme”. Some parents have to infuse, and some parents are determined not to infuse. Like this mad biography of WeChat, it takes a month to lose a liquid. Cui Xia said that only unreasonable, repeated, frequent use of antibiotic infusion can lead to imbalance of immune function disorder in children. Disorder, drug resistance, causing illness again shortly after infusion. “If the loss of a liquid is so dangerous, the medical authorities have long intervened.”

As a Chinese medicine doctor, Cui Xia said that she is very happy to rely on the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, but she can’t absolute and exaggerate the prescription of a prescription. Otherwise, Chinese medicine will be deified. Parents need to master some common sense of child health, even if they are like a cold. Such a “small illness”, once the child’s condition worsens, continues to be hot, coughing, and also go to the hospital for treatment, do not drag the small disease into a serious illness.