Cup shape affects drinking speed

According to the researchers, they conducted more than 100 volunteers to conduct simulation tests. These volunteers are ordinary people without alcohol records, aged between 18 and 40. During the trial, the researchers asked volunteers to drink beer or non-alcoholic drinks and used two different types of cups.

After observing the performance of the drinkers, the researchers found that when using a straight-bottle cup, the speed of drinking was nearly 60% slower than when using a curved cup. However, if you drink a regular drink, the shape of the cup will not affect the speed of drinking.

Researchers therefore believe that people want to master speed when drinking alcohol. Curved cups are more difficult to judge than how many drinks have been consumed compared to straight-bottle cups. To prove this, they asked volunteers to determine whether the amount of wine in the two different shaped cups exceeded half of the actual capacity. The results showed that people had a higher error rate in the proportion of the amount of wine in the curved cup.

More critically, those who are more prone to make mistakes in judging the proportion of wine in different shaped cups are also faster in the use of curved cups. There is a clear correlation between the two test results. . This strongly supports the aforementioned speculation.

Angela Atwood, who conducted the study, said that alcoholism and drunkenness have many negative consequences. People want to avoid drunkenness by controlling the speed of drinking when drinking. At this time, the shape of the cup may be a factor that should be considered. . This research report has been published in the academic journal Science Public Library Comprehensive Volume.