Diet therapy can also prevent cervical spondylosis

The data of orthopedic clinics showed that the trend of rejuvenation of cervical spondylosis was very obvious. The number of patients with cervical spondylosis in their 30s increased significantly, mostly due to long-term work at the desk.

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disease of bone and joint. It is a complex syndrome caused by changes in cervical physiological curve caused by wind, cold, trauma and strain, and degenerative changes of intervertebral disc joints, stimulating and compressing cervical nerve roots, spinal cord, arteries and nerves. More than 40 years old after the onset. However, overwork of the cervical vertebra can make the onset time ahead of time, and young people will also develop the disease.

At present, X-ray and CT films are easy to diagnose osteoarthrosis, and it is difficult to treat. Although there are many drugs and methods for market treatment, orthopedic experts at home and abroad still believe that there is no drug that can completely reverse and cure cervical spondylosis. It is only through treatment to alleviate the development of symptoms, improve function and correct deformity. Thorough treatment with surgery.

Although elderly patients with osteoarthrosis are inevitable, they should take active and comprehensive measures to prevent and treat: such as strengthening bone nutrition and exercise from a young age, the neck stretches 1 inch forward, the cervical vertebra pressure increases by 1 time; reduces the cervical spine to withstand Stress, etc.; work for 1-2 hours, do cervical spine exercise 1; prevent increased joint torque and load; advocate participating in beneficial sports, such as swimming, walking, practicing swords, dancing fans, etc.; add soy bean pillow 2 when sleeping; Resistance training and non-weight-bearing joint flexion and extension activities can prevent and delay the development of cervical arthritis.

After entering the middle-aged period, hypogonadism, decreased food intake, decreased intake of calcium and bone nutrients, less outdoor activities, insufficient synthesis of vitamin D, and decreased blood circulation in the bones are all harmful to the nutrition of bones and bones. Taking drugs and foods containing vitamins A, D, E, C, calcium and other osteogenic hormones, it also has a good preventive effect on cervical spondylosis. If it is better to make it into a diet, it is more convenient and comprehensive than taking it.

The following therapeutic diets can be used to prevent cervical spondylosis:

  1. Ginger vinegar and pig hand: 1 pig hand, tender fresh ginger, good rice vinegar, brown sugar, warm boiled water. Remove the pig’s hand from the hair, wash it, slash the two lobes, then fold it into four pieces, put it into the boiling water pot for 10 minutes, remove the water to control the water; ginger cut into 3 points thick slices, together with the pig hand, vinegar, sugar Put in a casserole and mix well; pour in warm water and cover, simmer for 2 hours, until it is crisp. Eat often. People with diabetes can use soy sauce instead of brown sugar. Pig hands have higher cholesterol, so patients with high blood lipids and high cholesterol should be used with caution.
  2. Purslane mutton soup steamed bag: 1 kg of commercially available buckwheat multi-dimensional nutrition powder, 250 g of purslane, mutton and pig skin, 50 g of sesame and shrimp skin, and the amount of onion ginger seasoning. Steamed bag of glutinous rice stuffing soup, the usual practice. The side has a stomach disease with caution, can change the buckwheat noodles into wheat noodles, and replace the shrimp skin with fresh shrimp.
  3. Sweet potato carrot jujube glutinous rice porridge: 50 grams of sweet potato, 30 grams of carrots, 5 to 7 jujubes, 10 grams of medlar, 100 grams of glutinous rice. Cut the sweet potato and carrot into cubes; after simmering with water, simmer with a proper amount of water and add other ingredients to cook. Those with internal heat should be used with caution.