Do you know the benefits of eating blueberries?

Blueberry is a delicious and extremely healthy fruit. Blueberry is rich in various nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. It has great benefits to human body, can resist oxidation, enhance immunity, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Health and so on. So what are the specific benefits of eating blueberries?

Enhance immunity: Studies have found that blueberries contain far more antioxidants than other fresh vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.

Eye protection: rich amino acids, trace elements, anthocyanins have a good effect on eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Beauty effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have strong antioxidant properties, can resist free radicals, delay aging, and prevent cell degeneration.

Weight loss: Polyphenols in blueberries have a good effect on the decomposition of fat.

Reduce the belly: The polyphenols rich in blueberries can break down belly fat and help control weight. In addition, blueberries are low in calories and do not cause weight gain.

Improve brain power: Blueberry dry snacks can improve brain vitality. A new study found that flavonoids rich in blueberries can alleviate senile memory loss.

Antithrombotic effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have a role in preventing platelet aggregation and arteriosclerosis.

Good for heart health: Blueberries contain ingredients that help blood vessels dilate, which reduces the risk of blood clots and heart disease. The study found that eating more than 5 servings of blueberries a week can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Prevention of constipation: 1 cup of fresh blueberry contains about 4 grams of dietary fiber, accounting for 14% of dietary fiber daily intake. Water-soluble dietary fiber in blueberry can promote intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

Lowering blood sugar: Eating blueberries in diabetics helps regulate blood sugar levels. Eat 5 low-glycemic index fruits such as blueberries every week, and stick to two months can significantly improve blood sugar regulation.

Uremia remission: The trace elements rich in blueberries have a certain relief effect on uremia and kidney disease.