Don’t eat these ten vegetables raw

Cold vegetables and fruit and vegetable salads are popular foods, and many people think that raw vegetables have a refreshing taste and reduce nutrient loss. But in fact, not all vegetables are suitable for eating raw. Not cooking these vegetables will not only lead to nutrient loss, but may also cause some adverse consequences.


The bean kernels of legumes such as edamame, broad beans, kidney beans, lentils and potato tubers contain a toxic protein called hemagglutinin that can agglutinate red blood cells in the blood. When eating these uncooked vegetables, they often cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and can cause death in severe cases.

These vegetables also contain an antitrypsin, which is toxic protein in nature, and its toxicity is shown to inhibit the activity of protease, causing pancreatic enlargement. The beans (and pollen) of faba beans contain a kind of nestin called faba bean, which can destroy red blood cells. When the fragile faba beans are consumed, it will induce hemolytic anemia.

Beans and vegetables contain toxic substances that lose their activity after heating, so they must be cooked and cooked before they can be eaten.


The reason why potato vegetables should not be eaten raw is because they contain toxic glycosides.

Cassava roots with high starch content contain cyanogenic glycosides, which can be cooked without soaking, and cyanogenic acid poisoning will occur after eating. As for the solanine (solanine) contained in potato tubers, the content is very high in the greenish-looking cortex (it can be 10 times higher than normal tubers), and it will not be damaged even after cooking, and it can not be eaten at all.

Nitrate-rich vegetables such as spinach and mustard

Spinach, mustard and other vegetables can easily be enriched in nitrate. Nitrate itself has low toxicity to the human body, but under the action of human microorganisms, it will be transformed into nitrite and combine with nitrogen-containing compounds in the gastrointestinal tract (such as secondary amines, tertiary amines, amides, etc.) to form strong carcinogens. Nitramine is at risk of inducing cancer of the digestive system.

Not only can such vegetables not be eaten raw, they must be cooked thoroughly before being eaten. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat the mutton-style mutton soup after eating the soup.

Contains more oxalic acid vegetables

Spinach, bamboo shoots, scallion and other vegetables containing more oxalic acid, even if you want to cool, you should first boil with boiling water to remove most of the oxalic acid contained in vegetables.

Oxalic acid will combine with calcium in the intestine to form difficult-to-absorb calcium calcium oxalate, which interferes with the body’s absorption of calcium and causes the body to lack calcium.


Fresh daylily contains a type of colchicine. Colchicine itself is non-toxic. After being absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, it will oxidize to form the highly toxic colchicine, which can stimulate the stomach and stomach, and cause dry throat, heartburn, and dryness Thirst, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Because colchicine is water-soluble, during the cooking and drying process of fresh daylily, this plant base has been destroyed. In addition, when eating dried daylily products, it must be soaked in water, of course, there is no risk of poisoning.

Wild vegetables

Purslane and other wild vegetables need to be cleaned to remove dust and bugs thoroughly to prevent allergies.

In addition, lettuce, coriander and other raw materials are best peeled, washed, and boiled with water before eating. This is more hygienic and does not affect taste and nutritional content.

Starchy vegetables

Vegetables containing starch, such as potatoes, taro, and yam, must be cooked, or the starch grains in them will not break and the human body cannot digest them.

Fresh fungus contains leaf-like light-sensing substances. Fresh raw fungus can cause solar dermatitis. In severe cases, itching, edema and pain can occur.

Green leafy vegetables

Under normal cultivation conditions, this kind of vegetables is often poured with human and animal dung urine and pesticides, causing pollution. Washing with water is not clean anyway. Of course, if vegetables are produced under soilless cultivation conditions, they can be safely eaten raw.

Water chestnuts

If you eat raw crickets often, the ginger worms will enter the body and attach to the intestinal mucosa, which can cause intestinal ulcers, diarrhea or facial swelling.