Drink more milk to prevent dementia

Prof. Qingyuan Yu of Kyushu University presided over a large-scale immunology survey. The participants were thousands of old people over 60 years old in Fukuoka Prefecture. According to the survey, with the increase in the intake of dairy products such as milk, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease (a type of Alzheimer’s disease) has a tendency to decline, and vascular dementia has also shown similar results. Similarly, the study of Professor Yoshihiko Yoshihiko of Chubu University also found that lactic acid bacteria beverages have the effect of improving short-term memory and attention.

A survey of 249 participants by the professors at Tokai Gakuen University in Japan showed that people who drink more milk are less likely to be anxious than those who drink less, and tend to go to bed early and get up early, while those who drink less need to sleep longer. Poor sleep quality. There is a direct correlation between poor sleep quality and cognitive impairment, and the researchers conclude that this may be the reason why drinking milk can prevent cognitive impairment indirectly.

In the middle of the United States, this is mainly the role of tryptophan in milk. The representative of the Japanese sleep evaluation research institute, Dr. Shirakawa, cited the research data, saying that the tryptophan in milk is in the form of casein, and the content is not much. Therefore, it is meaningless to drink a cup before going to bed; if you want to drink milk To improve sleep and prevent cognitive disorders, you need to develop the habit of drinking every day.

Professor Qing Shuicheng of Tokyo Agricultural University suggested that the milk should be warmed after being refrigerated, which can prevent the low temperature from affecting the action of lactose-degrading enzymes in the human body, and reduce the stimulation of cold milk on the stomach and avoid discomfort.