Drinking black tea can prevent colds

There are many benefits to drinking tea, but be aware that you should drink different teas in different seasons. After the fall, the weather is getting colder, and drinking black tea is a good fit. Black tea is of a warm nature and can help women warm their stomachs and drive cold. Drink tea in the fall and learn some black tea health drinks.

4 benefits of drinking black tea in autumn

First, black tea can warm the body against cold

In the autumn and winter, the physiological function of the human body is reduced, the yang is weakened, and the energy and nutrition requirements are high. Soaking a cup of warm black tea in the fall can not only warm the body, but also play a role in disease prevention. Black tea is warm and can raise the body’s yang, and the soup is blushing, which can give people a warm feeling.

Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is hot and warm, and can enhance the body’s ability to resist cold. In some places in China, there is a habit of adding black tea to sugar and milk, so that it can not only produce heat and warm the abdomen, but also increase nutrition and strengthen the body.

Second, black tea can nourish the stomach

Tea polyphenols contained in tea have astringent effect, have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, and are more irritating in the case of fasting, so sometimes drinking tea on an empty stomach will feel uncomfortable. Black tea is fermented and dried. The polyphenols undergo enzymatic oxidation under the action of oxidase, and the content is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach is also reduced.

Black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. The oxidation product of tea polyphenols in black tea can promote the digestion of the human body. Regular consumption of black tea with sugar and milk can reduce inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa, and it also has a certain effect on treating ulcers.

However, black tea should not be allowed to cool down, which will affect the stomach and warm stomach effect, and may also reduce the nutrient content because of the long time.

Third, black tea can help digestion

Black tea can be greasy, help digestion, promote appetite, and strengthen heart function. When you feel greasy and bloating in your daily diet, drink more black tea to reduce greasy and promote digestion.

Big fish and big meat often cause indigestion. Drinking black tea at this time can eliminate greasy and help digestion in the stomach, which helps the body to be healthy.

Fourth, black tea can prevent colds

The weather is getting colder, the body’s resistance is reduced, and it is easy to catch a cold, while black tea can prevent colds. Black tea has strong antibacterial activity. It can filter the virus with a black tea to prevent colds, prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, and lower blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

Black tea is warm and warm, rich in protein and sugar, which can enhance the body’s resistance. It is commonly used to prevent flu by gargle or direct drinking. Because black tea is fully fermented, it is very irritating, especially suitable for people with weak stomach and body.

Recommend 4 black tea drinks

First, milk black tea

Ingredients: 3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt.


1,Put the black tea into the pot and add water for 5 minutes.

2, black tea leaves filtered, and another pot of boiled milk.

3,Add the tea juice after boiling the milk, add salt and mix.

Efficacy: Drink once a day, can effectively supplement blood and strengthen your body.

Second, Huangqi black tea

Materials: 15 grams of astragalus and 3 grams of black tea.


  1. Put the scutellaria in the pot and add some water to cook for about 15 minutes.

2, after adding black tea, cook together for about 5 minutes, you can drink.

Efficacy: Huangqi is sweet and flat, has qi and yang, reconciles the spleen and stomach, moistens the lungs and stimulates the body, and has the effect of spleen and stomach, and the blood-deficient women are most suitable for consumption. This tea is effective in tonifying the stomach and improving the symptoms of physical weakness. Can also help women anti-virus, anti-aging.

Third, glutinous rice black tea

Material: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 5 grams of black tea.


  1. Wash the glutinous rice and put it into the pot.
  2. Add the right amount of water to cook.
  3. Add black tea to the cooked glutinous rice and drink.

Efficacy: Replenishing qi and nourishing blood, improving symptoms of physical weakness.

Fourth, sugar cane black tea

Materials: 500 grams of sugar cane and 5 grams of black tea.

Modulation: Peel the sugar cane, chop it, and fry it with black tea.

Efficacy: clearing heat and fluid, treating throat dryness, thirst, itching, coughing, eating fatty food, etc., is an ideal health tea.