Drinking milk can prevent knee pain

When people reach middle age, many “parts” in their bodies begin to age. The knees that turn around every day bear the brunt, and they are inevitably worn.

Experts believe that the knee pain of women between the ages of 40 and 45 is closely related to the decline of estrogen levels after menopause. Drinking calcium supplements is the key to prevent knee pain. Calcium in milk is far more active than calcium in calcium tablets, which can be absorbed by the body. It is a good calcium supplement method, so it is recommended that everyone drink milk every day.

Yu Erlang’s legs are also a good way for experts to protect the knee joint. Because this action allows the joint to flex and stretch without load, even if the joint has a certain movement, it will not aggravate the wear and cause pain.

But the doctor Liu Yang reminded that the legs of the Erlang can really move the knee joint, but it is best not to last too long, it is best to alternate the legs with the legs. Because the knee ligaments are kept in tension, the ligaments of the knees are always tight, and the ligaments lose their elasticity for a long time, which is not conducive to protecting the knee joints.