Drinking tea is worse than drinking tea. Although it is very simple to drink tea, remember four “don’t”.

You may also need to know about drinking tea, these things:

Drink tea, but also remember 4 “don’t”

1, Don’t wait for thirsty and then drink tea

If you feel thirsty, it means the body is already in a state of water shortage, urinating, sweating, breathing… People are emitting water almost anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, you should always drink tea, you can’t just go out, drink about 150~200 ml each time, and the interval is about half an hour.

2, Not limited to 8 cups of tea

According to the recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines of the Chinese Nutrition Society, drink about 1500 ml of water per day, which is almost the amount of “8 cups of water”. But this is only a suggestion, and different situations need to be treated differently.

For example: strenuous exercise, a lot of sweat, water loss, you need to increase the amount of water.

People with heart disease and kidney disease can’t drink more tea than everyone else. It is best to follow the doctor’s advice to avoid the burden of heart or kidney.

3, Do not use tea drinks instead of tea

Many people like to drink iced black tea, green plum green tea and other drinks to quench their thirst. As everyone knows, beverages are fun to drink, but they can’t play a role in quenching thirst.

Drinks with a lot of sugar and juices rich in vitamins and inorganic salts are not only difficult to absorb by human cells, but also consume some water when they are oxidized and decomposed in the body, resulting in more thirst after drinking and more drinking. The body is not good either.

4, Don’t forget to clean the kettle

Most tea friends use bottled water. As long as the quality is qualified, it is safe and hygienic. Compared with water, it is more important to pay attention to the kettle. The pot may breed bacteria during use. If it is not cleaned for a long time, Safety risks, it is recommended to clean the kettle every 1-2 months.

“Drinking more tea” is worse than “going to drink tea”. Although drinking tea is extremely simple, there are still many things to pay attention to.

1, Drink black tea after breakfast

When people start in the morning, they will be in a state of physiological water shortage. After getting up, drink a cup of mild black tea. It takes only 20 seconds to get water into the blood, so that the blood can be diluted quickly, improve the dehydration at night, and help the liver and kidney metabolism. Discharge waste.

2, Eat too full, drink some green tea

Eat too much, or eat high-fat foods such as fried, you can drink some green tea to greasy, promote digestion.

3, Eat salty, drink flower tea

Eat salty food, it is best to drink jasmine tea, you can also drink other herbal tea, which is conducive to the promotion of sodium.

4, I want to drink tea when I am upset and stressed.

When a person is upset and stressed, the adrenaline will soar. At this time, you may want to drink a cup of tea. The adrenaline will be excreted with water, and the mood may be much easier.

Many people think that drinking tea has nothing to pay attention to. But in fact, drinking tea is also about the right time and method.

Drinking tea is not much, but whether it will be drunk. So for your health, it is important to learn how to drink tea scientifically.