Drinking yogurt often reduces the risk of diabetes

Investigators from the University of Cambridge in the UK reported in the journal Diabetes in Germany that they conducted a follow-up study on the daily diet of 4,255 volunteers. The results showed that low-fat such as yogurt and dry cheese was often ingested. People who ferment dairy products are 24% less likely to develop diabetes than others. Among them, drinking yogurt to reduce the risk of diabetes is most obvious. People who drink an average of 4 cans of 125 grams of yogurt per week have a 28% lower risk of developing diabetes than those who do not.

Researchers say that low-fat fermented dairy products such as yogurt are not only low in fat, but also rich in probiotics and vitamin K, which may prevent diabetes.

But the researchers also pointed out that the study did not prove a direct causal relationship between drinking yogurt and lower diabetes risk. People who drink yogurt often pay more attention to healthy eating and living habits, which are also good for preventing diabetes.