Eat enough vegetables every day?

Do you have enough food for your diet today? Everyone knows that enough dietary fiber can always keep the intestines healthy, smooth bowel movements, protect the body and protect you from intestinal diseases. However, many people think that as long as they eat vegetables every day, they have enough fiber.

In fact, the nutritionist reminds that not all vegetables and fruits have high fiber content. If you want to achieve a fiber target of 25 to 35 grams, you need to choose high-fiber foods in addition to eating three fruits and two fruits a day. Beans (black beans), whole grains (oats), and intake of unrefined whole grains such as grain rice or oats.

Consuming sufficient dietary fiber can not only help you lose weight, but also take care of your health

Nutritionists said that dietary fiber is a very important nutrient. In addition to often heard to help smooth bowel movements, water-soluble dietary fiber is often an energy source for intestinal probiotics, which can help adjust the intestinal flora, and then affect hormone secretion. Can regulate cholesterol, delay the rate of gastric emptying, avoid a sharp rise in blood sugar, or increase satiety and avoid excessive calorie intake. Therefore, intake of sufficient dietary fiber can not only help weight loss, but also take care of health.

In order to understand the dietary fiber intake of the general public, the Good Food Division calculated the dietary fiber intake of three meals of 100 office workers based on the Food and Nutrition Administration’s Food and Nutrition Database. It was found that up to 98% of the people did not eat 25 ~ 35 grams Of dietary fiber intake, and the average person only consumes less than 5 grams of dietary fiber per day, only 1/6 of the recommended amount, obviously a serious lack of intake!

Office workers do not consume enough dietary fiber, may increase the risk of chronic diseases

For the sedentary group at work, if the amount of activity after work is usually low, metabolism decreases faster with age, and the lack of sufficient dietary fiber will increase the risk of many chronic diseases.

Nutritionists said that although there is dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables, there is also a difference. For common cabbage, only 1.1g of dietary fiber per 100g. If you want to reach the goal of 25 ~ 35 grams, you need to eat 2.2 a day. -3.2 kg of cabbage is enough. Other common vegetables such as pakchoi, Qingjiang, lettuce, and white radish only contain about 1g per 100g. Therefore, if you usually choose low-fiber vegetables and fruits, it is easy to lack dietary fiber.

In order to let everyone eat enough, the nutritionist specially teaches 3 tips to teach you to add dietary fiber smartly:

[3 ways to easily add dietary fiber]

Eat food to increase dietary fiber intake

In addition to fruits and vegetables, beans, mushrooms, seaweed, and unrefined whole grains also contain dietary fiber, and some are higher than some vegetables. For example, for every 100g, black beans contain 22g fiber, chia seeds have 29g, black dates have 11g, Instant oatmeal 10.5g, barley flakes 6g, grain rice 5g, oatmeal 5g, tubarak 5g.

Other foods with relatively high fiber content also include: pinto beans, red beans, edamame, figs, shiitake mushrooms, Pleurotus eryngii, bitter gourd, almond fruit, corn shoots, carrots, kiwis, kiwi, etc. It is recommended to replace these in turn in your daily diet Food can increase dietary fiber intake.

Choose foods with dietary fiber

Although a balanced diet can eat a sufficient amount of dietary fiber, for busy and food-eating office workers, if the dietary fiber intake goal is to be reached every day, the choice of diet will be relatively monotonous, and often due to partying and entertainment, it will fail. Therefore, it is recommended that people who eat frequently can buy food supplements with dietary fiber. There are already products on the market that strengthen dietary fiber, such as double fiber buttermilk, tea, drinks, or tablets. It is a good choice for those who want to balance health and busy life.