Eat more curry to prevent diabetes

The various benefits of curry rice have not been described, but recently Japanese media introduced that curcumin contained in curry can effectively prevent diabetes. This medical discovery has been published in the form of a paper in Diabetes Care.

According to the paper, a scholar in Thailand conducted experiments on patients with pre-diabetes (pre-diabetes patients with high blood pressure and easy development of type 2 diabetes). The experiment was conducted on 240 adult Thais, and 119 people were given a curry containing 250 mg of curcumin per day, and 116 people took lactose similar to a tablet every day. After 9 months, no one in the group of curcumin was ingested. Developed as a patient with type 2 diabetes, and 19 patients with type 2 diabetes were found among 116 people who took lactose.

Curcumin, a compound of curcumin in curry, has been found by modern medical research to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative damage to cells, and has a significant effect on inflammation caused by inflammation and cellular oxidative damage. In the study, the researchers also found that curcumin can effectively improve the function of controlling blood sugar cells, not only has anti-inflammatory effects, but also effectively protects beta cells from damage.

But experts also reminded that you should not ingest a large amount of curcumin. To control the proper amount, you must achieve the effect of preventing disease. To maintain a healthy body, you must have a healthy lifestyle and balance various diets.