Eat more fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of breast cancer

New research has found that women who consume more carotenoids (nutrient substances in fruits and vegetables) have a lower incidence of breast cancer, especially breast cancer that is difficult to treat and difficult to diagnose.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School conducted a combing analysis of a number of studies on blood carotenoid levels in women and found that women with the highest blood carotenoid levels had breast cancer compared with women with the lowest levels of blood carotenoids. The danger is even smaller. This association is more pronounced in women who smoke than in non-smoking women, and is more pronounced in women who are overweight than women who are overweight.

Carotenoids are trace elements in fruits and vegetables that make fruits and vegetables appear orange, yellow or red. Carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables include: carrots, hawthorn, pineapple, kale, red pepper and winter squash. Higher levels of carotenoids in the blood have the effect of preventing breast cancer.

Dr. A. Heather Ileiasen, head of the new study, said that various risk factors for breast cancer are known to involve more common estrogen-dependent cancers. The new study compared the results of eight experimental studies involving more than 3,000 women with breast cancer and 4,000 women without breast cancer. Although it is unclear whether carotenoids directly reduce the risk of cancer, Dr. Stefanini Bernick, director of the Oncology Surgery at Lennox Mountain Hospital in New York, said that the new study “women’s cancer prevention should be richer.” The recommendation of carotenoids will not change. To reduce the risk of various cancers, including breast cancer, you should eat a vegetarian-based, low-fat, low-animal protein diet.

Medical expert Dr. Sufreidman said the new study showed that maintaining a healthy vegetarian-based diet is a positive preventive measure against rare and difficult-to-diagnose cancers. In order to prevent cancer, women should pay attention to genetic factors, cultivate regular exercise, no smoking, no alcohol abuse and other healthy living habits.