Eat more grapes to relieve arthritis

According to the “World Science World Report” website, researchers at the University of Texas Women’s University found that regular consumption of grapes can alleviate the symptoms and pain of knee arthritis, which occurs mainly in the elderly. In addition to reducing pain, eating grapes can also improve the flexibility of the joints and improve the body’s ability to move.

In a 16-week clinical study, Dr. Shanil Juma and his colleagues convened a group of patients with knee arthritis and randomly divided them into two groups, one of whom took grape extract in dry powder form. The other group of patients only took a placebo. The results of the experiment showed that the group of participants who consumed the grapes had a significant improvement in swelling, stiffness and difficulty in walking, and the level of cartilage growth factor was improved; and this effect was more pronounced among female participants.

The researchers explained that the polyphenols in the grapes play a beneficial joint effect. Eating grapes and their products (grape juice and wine, etc.) every day helps to relieve arthritis pain and knee arthritis symptoms.