Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent asthma

According to a report on the BBC website on January 6, a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland showed that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can prevent asthma.

After the research team gave a group of mice a low dietary fiber diet, their lungs would have an inflammatory response to dust mites. Rats fed a diet rich in pectin could develop allergic airway disease. The sex is reduced. Researchers believe that the conclusions of this study that control asthma from cellular mechanisms also apply to humans.

Soluble dietary fiber used to prevent constipation can alter the composition of intestinal bacteria. Once dietary fiber is ingested, the body produces a metabolite called short-chain fatty acids that, when it enters the bloodstream, affects the development of immune cells in other parts of the body, including the lungs. Therefore, the use of dietary intervention strategies can not only treat intestinal diseases, but also control respiratory inflammatory diseases.