Eat these fruits away from mouth ulcers

Oral ulcers are a common disease in life, most of which are caused by fire, etc. So what better methods can help prevent it?

Dietary diversity

Not partial eclipse, eat more grains, coarse grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits, potatoes, soy products, milk, etc., to achieve a balanced diet.

Regular life

Living and living should be carried out in a regular manner according to a reasonable plan, and rest well, especially to ensure adequate sleep.

Moderate exercise

Start the postpartum rehabilitation exercise as soon as possible according to your physical condition. Generally, from the third week after childbirth, you can gradually start doing some housework with the help of your family.

Pay attention to clean the mouth

Eating a lot of sugar, high-protein foods can cause mouth ulcers, brush your teeth on time, but it is best to use finger licking when brushing your teeth early in the postpartum, squeeze the toothpaste on your fingers, and use your fingers as a toothbrush to wipe back and forth on your teeth.

Prevention of constipation

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water (at least 1000 ml of water a day) to promote metabolism to clear the stomach, prevent constipation and increase the heat accumulation of the digestive system.