Eating at dinner is more helpful to stay in shape

Israeli experts have confirmed that hearty carbohydrate-rich dinners (such as macaroni, potatoes, white bread, etc.) are very helpful in fighting hunger the next day. They said that this method of eating reduced the amount of food in total, which is very conducive to weight loss.

According to reports, the experts conducted a six-month experiment on 78 volunteers. They divided the volunteers into two groups, one group eating carbohydrates for dinner, and the other group eating only foods containing a small amount of protein. Experiments have shown that participants in the first group lost more weight than members in the second group who recommended eating according to nutritionists. Not only that, the blood pressure of the first group members was significantly lower than that of the second group members.

Participants in the event said that according to Israeli experts’ dietary advice, they rarely felt hungry during the day and were not easily attracted to sweets.