Eating fast food every day hurts the brain

Fast food, especially junk foods rich in high oil, high fat and high sugar, can easily lead to body weight, causing a variety of diseases and endangering health. According to a new study by the University of New South Wales in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald found that after a week of junk food eating, memory will be damaged.

The new study, conducted by Dr. Margaret Morris, a professor of pharmacology at the University of New South Wales, and colleagues found that eating a food that contains a lot of saturated fat and sugar can have a negative impact on brain cognitive ability. This causes memory damage.

In the new study, Dr. Morris and his colleagues fed a group of experimental rats for a week of junk food and tested their memory. It was found that the spatial cognitive ability of the experimental rats was significantly decreased, and the inflammation of the hippocampus in the brain responsible for learning and memory was significantly increased. The rapid deterioration of spatial memory in experimental mice is surprising, several times faster than weight gain. For humans, spatial memory plays a pivotal role in directional navigation and memory of everyday items such as car keys, wallets and cell phones.

Dr. Morris said the new study also showed that the memory impairment did not improve when the diet of the rats returned to normal. Although the experimental results of the experimental mice cannot be completely copied into human experiments, there is evidence that short-term exposure to junk food will affect human memory, so it is better to eat less.