Eating foods with high fat content is prone to prostate cancer

Recently, a medical study found that people who have a large number of hot cards in their daily diet are more likely to develop prostate cancer regardless of their food or weight.

This medical study investigated the diet structure of 444 men over the middle age. The study found that those with high calorie intake were nearly four times more likely to have prostate cancer than those with less caloric intake.

Some past studies have suggested that foods high in animal fats, such as meat and dairy products, can contribute to prostate cancer. But other studies have suggested that there is no link between a high animal fat diet and prostate cancer. The results of this recently published study show that the total amount of calories, whether from fat or from protein or carbohydrates, has an impact on prostate cancer. If a person’s daily calorie intake is always around 2,600 calories, it can be considered a high-calorie diet structure with a higher risk of prostate cancer. Compared with those whose daily calorie intake is below 1,100 calories, the former is 3.8 times more likely to develop prostate cancer.

The researchers also said that the experimental results show that this adverse effect of the high-calorie diet is the same for both normal and overweight people.