Eating fruit can also solve the problem of dandruff?

What if a lot of dandruff is difficult to get rid of? Why is it so much to wash your hair every day? The shampoo has changed a lot, then you should consider starting from the diet, to the dandruff we use to solve. Let’s take a look at what to eat and make you “chipless”.

1, kumquat

Kumquat is rich in vitamin C, which can stimulate the metabolism of the scalp, and keeps the hair color after dyeing hair bright. In addition, the scent of kumquat can also make people relax and refresh.

2, kiwi

Kiwifruit is the king of nutrition for fruits. It is rich in carotene, vitamin C and arginine. In addition to excellent resistance to aging, it is resistant to radiation, oxidation and free radicals. It also contains a lot of ALA acid, which can help hair to maintain. Moisture prevents hair from drying out and improves overall hair condition.

3, peach

Peach contains nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C. It has a deep moisturizing and firming effect on the skin, which makes the skin moist and elastic and enhances skin resistance. Peach also gives hair a high degree of moisture and moisture, enhancing the softness of the hair.

4, Apple

Apple contains a lot of nutrients for skin and hair. Among them, malic acid can prevent the skin and hair from drying out. Vitamin C has whitening effect on the skin. Pectin can maintain the moisture of skin and hair. In addition, the nutrients in apples It also inhibits the growth of dandruff and calms the function of the scalp and itching.

5, starfruit

Carambola is called V Vital Elves. This juicy and juicy fruit is the highest sugar content of all fruits. It contains sucrose, fructose and glucose. It also contains malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and vitamin B. C, a small amount of fat, protein and other nutrients, can help digestion, nourish and health care in the body, moisturizing and enhancing the elasticity of the hair, so that the hair returns to the natural beauty.