Eating mango is good for your health

In our daily life, in addition to the great temptation of food, we have to count the fruits, especially the fruit that is rich in nutrients and tastes very good, and it is more popular.

Because, nowadays, many people, eating and fruit supplements are not only limited to solving the problem of food and clothing, but how to eat healthy and eat with confidence.

Therefore, if the fruit that is originally loved by people has the corresponding health-care effect, it can really reach a level that is sought after.

Although some fruits are very helpful to our health, but many people do not know its role in the human body, it has led to many types of health fruit have been forgotten.

However, some fruits, although strong in health, are not suitable for everyone’s physique, so the fruit that suits you is the best.

Therefore, there are often many people who see that others have eaten certain fruits and their body has been greatly improved. They have to go with the wind, but the result is not only that they have not played any effect, but also have various discomforts in the body. The phenomenon.

There are also some fruits, because people’s recognition is not high, but because the price is too expensive, choose a food with a shape similar to it.

This will not only fail to achieve the effect we want, but will cause more damage to our body. This kind of fruit that Yan Qing said today is like this.

Let’s follow the indigo to find out about this fruit: Mango

Mango is a fruit that many people like to eat. It not only has a sweet and delicious taste, but even nutrition is very rich. And eating mangoes often is a pleasant thing.

Although the benefits of mango are many, but they are also very particular, they must not be confused, because chaotic consumption will only make your body more chaotic.

Since, as mentioned above, each fruit has a certain health effect, and in order to achieve this effect, it must be applied to its own constitution.

So what is the value of eating mango often? Who is not suitable for eating mango? There is a mango-like “poisonous mango” that can’t be eaten. You must understand it for health.

First, mango contains a variety of nutrients, and regular consumption has a good effect on the body:

1, sweet and delicious, increase appetite

Mango is a fruit with more sugar. Eating it often helps to increase people’s appetite, so it can promote the diet process and have a very good effect on the digestion and absorption of food. This is not good for modern eating habits, especially for friends with loss of appetite, but it is a very beneficial thing.

2, promote intestinal metabolism, help smooth bowel movements

The content of cellulosic substances in mango is also very rich. Regular eating has a very positive effect on the intestines, which is very beneficial for promoting defecation and preventing constipation.

  1. Add benefits to daily fruit intake

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, it is recommended that adults should have a daily fruit intake of 200-350 grams, which is difficult for many people to meet. And mango can supplement the intake in this process, which is a pleasant thing.

Although mango is very rich in nutrients, it is also necessary to pay attention when eating in daily life, because any nutrient intake is the best.

Second, to eat mangoes healthily, you need to meet the following points:

1, do not take too much

Although mangoes are very tasty and nutritious, they are also limited in their consumption. Yan Qing suggested that in daily consumption, it is best to choose three kinds of fruits, and consume 350 grams of fruit per day. The intake of single fruit is preferably no more than 200 grams, and mango is also.

2, some people can not eat mango

For those who are allergic to mango, please refuse to eat to avoid serious allergies. People with hyperglycemia or diabetes should limit their diet according to their physical condition to avoid excessive blood sugar fluctuations.

Because mango is one of the people’s favorite, plus its nutrient content is so rich, so its price is correspondingly higher, and a fruit is very similar to this mango, so it leads to many people to eat It, while this fruit is mainly in the south.

Third, similar “poisonous mango” can not eat

Mango is a tropical fruit with a sweet taste and is suitable for people of all ages. But many people in the South often see a fruit that looks like a mango. Yes, this is “sea mango”.

The taste of sea mango is different from that of mango. It also contains sea manganine, toxic bitter and other serious poisons. After eating, there will be symptoms of basic food poisoning such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting, which may be life-threatening.

Distinguish between two types of mangoes:

Viewed from the outside of the fruit, the sea mango is an orange-red round fruit, and the mango is a cyan or golden-yellow waist-shaped fruit.

From the perspective of the flowers, the sea mango flower is white, while the normal mango flower is grayish yellow.

In order to eat mangoes healthily, proper health details should be followed. We often see similar things in our lives, and the food is the same.

Some plants look similar, but some can be eaten and some cannot be eaten. There are many food cases on the market that are caused by eating some “similar foods.” In other words, although some foods have the same appearance, they cannot be eaten at all.