Eight super blood pressure foods

Once you have high blood pressure, the doctor will advise the patient to control weight, exercise more, eat less salt, more calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin D. Among these methods, dietary adjustment occupies a very important position. For patients with hypertension, in addition to mastering certain dietary principles, it is also necessary to know which foods are helpful in lowering blood pressure. In this regard, American nutritionist Joey Bauer Eight super-hypotension foods have been recommended.

Skimmed milk. Skim milk is an ideal source of calcium and vitamin D. The organic combination of these two substances can help reduce blood pressure by 3% to 10%. This ratio does not seem to be large, but it can also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. 15%, therefore, in general, skim milk is an ideal antihypertensive food.

Spinach, fresh sunflower seeds, beans. Speaking of these foods, everyone is no stranger, but may not associate them with blood pressure lowering. In fact, spinach, fresh sunflower seeds, various beans, such as black beans, white beans, mung beans, lima beans, kidney beans, and kidney beans all contain magnesium, which is an important substance for lowering and maintaining blood pressure. In addition, there are many of these foods. Potassium is also a major component of fighting high blood pressure.

Baked sweet potatoes, bananas and soybeans. The antihypertensive effect of these foods is mainly attributed to potassium, because potassium and sodium are important elements that affect blood pressure. If there is less potassium in the blood, the proportion of sodium will increase, which will lead to an increase in blood pressure. Potassium will promote the excretion of excess sodium from the blood. At the same time, eating foods rich in potassium will also promote the balance of mineral levels in the body and ultimately reduce blood pressure. Of course, if you want to eat potassium-rich health care products, you should pay attention to the amount of intake, too much intake, can lead to adverse effects such as blood pressure instability, if necessary, you can consult a doctor.

dark chocolate. The American Medical Association has proved this amazing effect of dark chocolate. Hypertensive patients who consume 30 calories of dark chocolate (about 14 grams) a day can help lower blood pressure without any other negative consequences. Dark chocolate will also be an ideal food for people with high blood pressure.