Four exercises for outdoor fitness, no less effective than gym training

Life lies in exercise. Exercise is ubiquitous in our lives. Even breathing can be regarded as a kind of exercise. If you want a sexy and healthy body, it is inevitable when exercising, because a certain amount of exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also have a certain shaping effect on the body shape. And in the process of losing weight, the shadow of exercise is indispensable. As long as you adhere to regular exercise, you can relax slightly on the diet and enjoy a certain amount of food. And sports are independent of places, so wherever we exercise and where is the gym, we can fully enjoy the benefits of sports outdoors.

Certain trainings outdoors can make us feel differently. Although there are no fitness equipment to help us train outdoors, we have a wider field of vision, we can use all the movements around us to be more flexible, and our field of vision is wider and we can breathe Into the fresh air. What’s more important is to train outdoors. The surroundings can calm you down, focus on fitness exercises, and better perform yourself during the training process.

When it comes to outdoor sports, I believe that the first thing everyone thinks of is running training. In fact, we mentioned earlier that there is no fitness equipment to help us outdoors, so we need to make up for this shortcoming in training intensity. Therefore, if you want to build a strong and perfect figure outdoors, you cannot just perform such simple training as running, you need to perform some difficult training exercises. So what training exercises are suitable for outdoor training? Of course, some freehand trainings can not only have a good exercise effect on muscles, increase muscle mass, but also effectively consume fat.

In the next time, I will share with you four outdoor freehand training exercises, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Action one: step running

The effect of ordinary running training is average. If you run on a ladder, you can overcome the gravity to strengthen the training. This action has a clear training effect on the thigh and buttocks muscles. When you start training, you can slow down. After running for a period of time, you can gradually increase the speed to strengthen the training intensity. At the end stage, it is performed as a sprint.

Action 2: Step lunge

This action has a good stretching effect on the legs muscles. First, cross your legs back and forth, let the back toes support the steps on a higher position, straighten your hands on your hips and stabilize your body. Then move the center of gravity down, squat with your legs bent, and pause for a while when your thighs are parallel to the ground, then get up to complete the training.

Action three: step frog jump

This action has a strong effect on the explosive power of the abdominal muscles and calves. First, straighten your back and your arms will naturally sag, and your legs will stand slightly apart. Then bend your legs together and bend your knees to squat. When you squat to a certain extent, jump up a step quickly. During this training, we must pay attention to safety and buffer when landing. If you have a good physical fitness, you can jump two to three steps at a time, of course, this is based on your own safety.

Action 4: Arm flexion and extension

This exercise mainly trains the triceps. If you have more fat on your arm, this exercise is your first choice to improve this problem. First look for a flat object, support it with both hands, legs straight forward and close together, straight back. Gaze forward, then sink your hips, while your arms begin to bend your elbows to lower your entire body. When the arm is at ninety degrees, pause briefly, and then the triceps muscles force up the body.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that although these four exercises are performed outdoors, you must not forget to warm up before training and perform certain stretching exercises after training. In this way, we can fully guarantee that we can train safely outdoors. After all, the safety of outdoor training is far lower than that of gym training. I will share it with you today. If it is helpful to you after reading, I hope to pay more attention and support.