Four types of people, try to eat less crabs

Crabs are delicious and hard to refuse, and crabs are rich in protein, phosphorus, iron and phospholipids. They are essential for a healthy diet, but there are four people who don’t have this taste:

First, the spleen and stomach debilitation

Crabs are salty, cold and cold, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency will easily cause abdominal pain, diarrhea or indigestion.

Suggestion: Those with spleen and stomach deficiency should eat crabs with caution. If you want to eat more than one each time, and it is best to eat with old vinegar, ginger and rice wine with mild temperature, people with gastrointestinal diseases should not try.

Second, patients with cholecystitis

The formation of cholecystitis and gallstones is related to high cholesterol and metabolic disorders in the body, while the crab yellow and crab creams in crabs are high in cholesterol. Patients with cholecystitis will increase the symptoms after eating crabs, so it is not recommended.

Third, high uric acid, gout patients

Crabs contain both strontium and glycolic acids, which produce too much uric acid in the blood. Therefore, patients with high uric acid and gout are not recommended.

Fourth, allergic constitution

Crab meat enters the human body through the intestinal wall, and macromolecules such as proteins that are not easily decomposed can induce allergic reactions in the human body. Skin itching and edema may occur. Those who are allergic should eat crabs with caution.