Gout patients often eat egg white supplement protein

Everyone knows that gout patients should reduce their intake. Protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, viscera, and soy products usually contain more cockroaches, so they are classified as “eat less or not.” So, how can the protein of gout patients be satisfied?

Purine is actually a component of nucleic acid molecules (genetic material), which is generally found in the nucleus. Milk is a body fluid secreted by the bovine mammary gland cells. There is no nucleus inside, so there is no sputum. The egg contains almost no cockroaches, because in theory it is just a cell (or two cells if it is a fertilized egg), a nucleus. When gout patients eat very little seafood, viscera, meat and soy products, they can satisfy the needs of high-quality protein by increasing the intake of eggs and milk, such as drinking 400 grams of milk a day and eating 1 or 2 eggs.

Finally, it should be reminded that gout patients should try not to add seasonings such as chicken essence, beef essence, and thick soup to reduce the intake of cockroaches.