Government research shows that healthy food is not expensive

Analysts from the Agricultural Economics Survey (ERS) analyzed more than 4,000 retail foods and found that fruits, vegetables, and cereals cost much more per pound than those with high protein and fat, sugar, and sodium. Those who follow the national dietary guidelines have played an active role, and consumption will shift to fruits, vegetables, grains and low-fat milk. “This will be good news for those who are shopping for food budgets.” Kevin, a member of the USDA agency, said at a press conference on Wednesday, “You can’t discount the nutrition of your food because you want to tighten your belt.” “If healthy foods can be tolerated by people, why are nutritious foods often considered as expensive?” This is because past cost studies used different measurement systems with reference to energy, said Andrew Carlos, author of ERS research. When you look at the price per calorie, she explains: A 240-calorie Dona ring is cheaper than a 105-calorie banana, but the calorie intake from the Dona circle will be lost when you enter your body, compared to the banana. The calories ingested will remain in the body.

That’s why Carlos’s view of the price per pound of food is the opposite of what others look at – the cost of food is based on the weight of the prepared food and the average price per kilogram. They are usually used as a reference standard for the calorie price per calorie. In the category. If you calculate the price per food weight, dairy products are the cheapest, followed by cereals, then fruits, vegetables, foods that are not too healthy, such as chocolate bars, potato chips and beef jerky. The price is mostly more expensive than the above foods. .

However, it is not because these beneficial foods can be consumed by people. They will choose them. The main message of research transmission is that both healthy and non-healthy foods can be found at low or high prices. In general, most beneficial foods may be It’s cheap, but low-priced junk food and sugary drinks are also cheap.

We learned from other studies that the taste is always the first thing people think about when they are ready to buy food. Carlos said that when people make decisions, good taste is usually based on price considerations, but lack of taste should not separate people from healthy food, because preparing these healthy foods does not take too much time. “I don’t think we have reached the point of losing the ability to open a can of beans.” He said, “I know that cooking is difficult, but we can just prepare a can opener, or buy some fresh fruit and wash it. The preparation time is minimal.” Another solution is to freeze vegetables. Of course, no one in the United States would claim that if you know that vegetables or dairy products are cheap or easy to prepare, you can win in the battle against obesity. When we talk about obesity and the increased probability of focusing on the disease, we are actually discussing a very complicated situation, which has to involve changing the eating environment. In order to improve American eating habits, USDA has launched many activities to promote health. Diet to tell everyone the importance of a healthy diet.