Healthy diet for people with high bilirubin

Total bilirubin is an important part of liver function tests. If the total bilirubin is high, it often means that the liver cells are damaged, resulting in abnormal liver function metabolism. In addition to necessary treatment and regular review, it should also be Pay attention to diet conditioning, because liver conditioning can improve liver function abnormalities. When liver function returns to normal, total bilirubin will also tend to be normal. So what is the total bilirubin high?

  1. Patients with high total bilirubin should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as radish, spinach, cauliflower, apple, grape, papaya, hawthorn, orange, etc., to supplement the vitamins needed by the human body and improve the body’s immunity.
  2. Patients with high total bilirubin should eat more protein-rich foods such as beef, pork, fish, eggs, milk, soy milk, etc. These foods can repair damaged liver cells and promote liver cell regeneration. It should be noted that when eating meat, it is necessary to use proper amount and it is best not to use frying and grilling to avoid the burden of the liver.
  3. Patients with high total bilirubin should eat more foods rich in dietary fiber such as oatmeal, corn, sweet potato, konjac, etc. These foods can promote digestion, thereby reducing the metabolic burden of the liver.
  4. Patients with high total bilirubin should eat more fungi, such as fungus, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Coprinus comatus, kelp, etc. These foods can enhance the body’s immunity and inhibit cancer.

Finally, to remind patients with high total bilirubin, diet conditioning is very helpful for liver repair, so to ensure balanced nutrition in daily life, pay attention to work and rest, rest, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not Stay up all night, stop smoking and avoid alcohol, so as not to increase the burden on the liver, develop good habits, maintain an optimistic attitude, and help the liver function repair.