High blood pressure also has a peak period, pay attention to the following two time periods

I believe that there are more or less high blood pressure people around you, especially in the middle-aged and elderly population. When blood pressure rises, some people will feel like wearing a hat on their heads. Sometimes Dizziness, stunned, eyes blooming, I feel sleepy, in fact, they are relatively sensitive people, to the good side, that is, once they are uncomfortable because of high blood pressure, the body will immediately notice In this way, as long as it causes your own vigilance, the examination will be checked and the treatment will be treated. This modest adjustment of your diet can be adjusted immediately. In fact, some people are not sensitive, a blood pressure, 180/120, he has no symptoms, no feeling, but no matter what, for high blood pressure people, it is very important to stabilize this blood pressure. Which time periods are the dangerous periods of high blood pressure? What should I do to stabilize my blood pressure?

At what time period, should people with high blood pressure pay special attention?

Get up early in the morning

The day is in the morning, after wake up, all the human organs are busy at this time, and the demand for blood transport begins to increase. Therefore, when everyone gets up, his blood pressure will be higher than his normal value. To be higher, for high blood pressure patients, this time you should pay attention to not sit up after waking up, do not have a big mood in the morning, or it is easy to let blood pressure rise again. After you get up, pay attention to the light breakfast, eat less or try not to eat pickled and salty foods, you can eat some fresh, low-fat cereals, such as millet porridge. At the same time, you can also drink plenty of water before going to bed, to ensure that the viscosity of the blood after getting up is not too high, and the slight headache can be relieved after getting up.

Many middle-aged and old friends have the habit of morning exercise in the morning. First of all, there is nothing wrong with this. However, people with high blood pressure should pay attention to it. At this time, when the blood pressure of the human body is high, excessive exercise will obviously speed up the heart rate. High, so high blood pressure people do not do intense exercise, you can choose to do some light exercise such as jogging in the afternoon or evening.

After noon and after dinner

After everyone has finished eating, the blood will help the digestion of the stomach, and it will become faster. The blood pressure will naturally rise at this time, so at this time, people with high blood pressure should pay attention to it. Don’t rush to finish eating. Go to exercise, rest for about half an hour, eat a blood pressure film, and then do other sports related things.

What other people need to pay attention to hypertension?

In fact, the so-called chronic illnesses become good doctors, chronic diseases such as high blood pressure are long, patients have their own set of arguments, the key is to self-discipline and self-discipline, first light diet, less salt and less oil, manage your mouth, eat less or Do not eat more fatty and fatty things, eat more vegetables and fruits. It is also necessary to not smoke or drink alcohol. In terms of work, we must make reasonable arrangements to avoid staying up late, and the elderly should love to play cards and play chess. Also be careful not to sit for a long time and get up. When going out, for the elderly patients with weak constitution, the weather turns cold, and they must pay attention to cold and warmth. The effect of sudden temperature changes on human blood pressure is relatively large. It is necessary to add clothing at an appropriate time.

In general, maintaining a healthy and light diet, regular work, moderate and moderate exercise, and maintaining a good mentality can help maintain a stable blood pressure.