High blood pressure can drink these two teas

People with high blood pressure can drink tea. Green tea or oolong tea is recommended. Because studies have found that drinking these two types of tea for more than a year, the incidence of hypertension is relatively reduced.

However, patients with hypertension should drink tea appropriately and avoid drinking too much tea. Because too strong tea will affect the absorption of oral antihypertensive drugs in patients with hypertension. Caffeine in strong tea can make people excited and heart rate faster, which is not good for patients with hypertension. So patients can drink tea, but do not drink strong tea.

What tea is best for high blood pressure, two teas are recommended. The first is chrysanthemum and hawthorn tea, about 10g each of chrysanthemum and tea leaves, 30g of hawthorn, and then use boiling water to replace tea. This tea is relatively simple and practical, can clear heat, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, digesting and strengthening the stomach, and reducing fat.

There is also gentian tea, green tea and gentian together to study the fines, warm water to brew. It can clear heat, relieve fire, and relieve liver pressure, and is suitable for hypertension caused by liver fire.

In addition, patients can drink cassia tea, celery red jujube tea, and locust tea all have good antihypertensive effect.

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