High blood pressure, what can’t I eat?

High blood pressure is a common disease. In fact, there is no absolute contraindication to high blood pressure meals, only relative contraindications. After all, food is not a poison, but the problem of eating more and eating less! Today, let’s take a look. What can’t high blood pressure eat?

One, too salty

Excessive salt intake is closely related to hypertension and has been confirmed by many evidence-based medical evidence. It has also been proven that reducing sodium intake can help control blood pressure and reduce hypertension-related complications. Therefore, reducing salt intake is very important for hypertension. China’s dietary guidelines point out that the recommended daily salt intake does not exceed 6g.

Can’t eat too much

Overeating is closely related to obesity, and obesity is an independent risk factor for hypertension. Therefore, avoiding excessive intake of food can reduce the incidence of obesity and reduce the incidence of hypertension. Experts in nutrition diet also believe that fullness is the best intake for us.

Third, you can’t eat too much oil

The so-called too oil refers to excessive intake of high-energy and high-fat foods, high-fat and high-energy diets will increase blood lipids, and cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein are clear culprits of coronary atherosclerosis The culprit, so avoiding these eating habits can also reduce the occurrence of high blood pressure and complications.

Fourth, can not eat too exciting

Stimulant diets will increase food intake and increase the incidence of obesity, and irritant diets will increase sympathetic nerve tension, especially the intake of alcoholic foods and beverages, and will increase the incidence of hypertension.