High-fat diet makes people more sleepy during the day

A new study shows that eating high-fat foods is easy to get groggy and lack of spirit during the day. If you eat more carbohydrate-containing foods, you will be more energetic and more sensitive.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine conducted a study of 31 healthy, non-obese adults who were between the ages of 18 and 65 and had no insomnia problems. Normal sleep was normal.

They slept for 4 consecutive nights in the sleep lab, and on the fourth day, they received a “multiple daytime sleep test” (MSLT) and five dietary assessments.

The results of the study showed that those who ate more high-fat foods were more likely to sleep during the day and their sensitivity was easily affected. Moreover, whether a person has mental and protein intake during the day has nothing to do with it.

Studies in the past have shown that diet seems to affect a person’s daytime spirit, and the study found similar results.

The researchers pointed out that it is clear that a high-fat diet can reduce people’s sensitivity. If a person is always mentally unmotivated, life functions will be affected and even affect public safety.