High uric acid? Avoid these three types of food

When you hear gout before, everyone will think that it is a disease of the elderly, but we do not know that young people in their twenties and twenties also have a lot of patients with hyperuricemia. It is known that the current number of hyperuricemia patients in China is as high as 120 million, of which more than 75 million are gout patients, and they are increasing year by year.

With the rejuvenation of the gout population, the peak incidence of gout patients in China is currently between 30 and 45 years of age, and the number of people who account for gout accounts for more than 1/3 of all gout patients. In Guangdong, about 20% of the health checkups were diagnosed as hyperuric acid. Patients with anemia or gout. Gout is not only high in uric acid, it can also hurt the kidneys, which is a terrible statistic.

If uric acid is too high, it can cause other diseases if it is not effectively taken into account: high uric acid can increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, etc., and the harm of hyperuricemia is potential and persistent Yes, the long-term harmfulness is greater, and it must be paid enough attention in the clinic.

Most gout is caused by uric acid. Excess uric acid cannot be excreted, and urate crystals are often deposited in the kidney and urinary system, which induces various acute and chronic kidney diseases and induces various acute and chronic kidney diseases. The common clinical manifestations of patients are increased nocturia, proteinuria, and hematuria. In severe cases, renal insufficiency and uremia may even occur, so everyone should pay attention

How to prevent lowering uric acid

First of all, you must have a reasonable diet and control your weight

Many obese and slightly obese people are prone to high uric acid. Avoiding overweight is an important part of preventing hyperuricemia and gout.

The first point: eat less high-fat foods. Most patients with hyperuricemia are accompanied by hyperlipidemia, and high-fat diets can be caused by excessive use of exogenous fats, so low-fat diets should be used.

The second point: control and reduce protein intake: high-protein diet can lead to increased endogenous purine synthesis, which may increase the precursor of uric acid, so it should be restricted.

Third point: reduce intake of carbohydrates: Moderate amounts of carbohydrates can prevent catabolism of tissues to produce ketone bodies, increase uric acid clearance and excretion, and should be used as the main source of thermal energy. Hyperuricemia is caused by a disorder of purine metabolism in nucleic acids in the body. The most important dietary treatment for hyperuricemia is: banning high purine foods, limiting purine foods, reducing exogenous nuclear proteins, in order to reduce serum uric acid levels and increase uric acid excretion. Alcohol is a risk factor associated with hyperuricemia, so it should be used sparingly.

The fourth point: drink plenty of water, add enough water when the light tea level, increase urine output

Fifth point: Quit smoking and alcohol, reduce salt, avoid spicy,

In fact, you can eat one more wild fruit in your life:

Mulberry is well-known as the fruit with the best kidney tonic effect. Regular consumption can enhance kidney function, have good tonic effect, and can effectively promote urine excretion. And, if you want to reduce uric acid, you can eat more high-potassium food. Ordinary mulberry contains 30 mg of potassium per 100 grams, and the content of black mulberry from Xinjiang is even higher. It can be said that it is the first choice for uric acid reduction.

Modern pharmacology has found that flavonoids in mulberry can significantly reduce serum uric acid levels, which is equivalent to the alleviating effect of allopurinol.

Take a look at the benefits of mulberry on gout:

Mulberry is rich in vitamin E, dietary fiber, potassium and fatty acids. It has strong internal acidification of antibodies, can convert uric acid into urea, promote the excretion of waste from the body, and has a certain auxiliary effect on the relief of gouty arthritis.

In addition to its mild nature and high potassium content, mulberry is also a Chinese herbal medicine that nourishes the kidney. Because it contains a large amount of manganese, it is called a natural “androgen”, which can promote the secretion of sex hormones and enhance kidney yang. After the kidney function is enhanced, it will naturally do more with less in terms of urination and uric acid metabolism, with better results.