Honey garlic juice can relieve rhinitis

Yang Lan of Xizhongshan County provided: The history of Zhou Da Ma rhinitis in the community has been 10 years. When the rhinitis attacks, it runs nose and sneezes, like a cold patient. She went around for medical treatment, and used both external and internal medicines. Rhinitis often recurs. Earlier this year, she got a remedy from an old man and it took a while to be effective. The method is: take 3 to 4 grains of garlic, smashed, wrapped with gauze, and juice. Take 2 times more honey than garlic and stir. Gently mix the mixture with gauze or paper towel and put it in the nostrils.

Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine commented that: garlic can be sterilized and sputum, honey is cool, can clear heat, enter the lungs, can detoxify, anti-allergic, and enhance immunity. This side is especially effective for allergic rhinitis. This side is used during the onset of rhinitis. It will be hot and tingling at first, and it will be relieved after a while. Be careful not to choose spicy garlic. To prepare more, add garlic, but increase the dose of honey at the same time. Use once every morning and evening, 5 days for a course of treatment, and severely extend the course.
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