Honey with potatoes can relieve gastritis and stomach ulcers

In summer, people like to eat cooler foods, but due to different constitutions, the tolerance of the stomach is also different. Compared with people with hot constitutions, people with cold constitutions are more likely to get hurt by the cold. Professor Yang Li from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine told the reporter of Life Times that the use of potatoes and honey for therapeutic treatment in the summer has a good effect on gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer and gastritis.

Yang Li explained that raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects when used externally; cooked potatoes have the effect of strengthening the body, strengthening the stomach, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Honey has the functions of moistening the intestines, laxatives, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of constipation, gastric ulcer and other diseases. Mixing potatoes and honey together is a powerful combination.

When making honey potatoes, it is best to choose fresh potatoes, not to use sprouted potatoes, because the latter contains a lot of solanine, which is harmful to human body. The specific method is to first cut the potato skin, then cut the potatoes into filaments, and then cook on the fire.

When the potatoes are cooked to a half-boiled, add a small amount of honey and stir, then simmer for a while. When the honey tastes soaked in the potatoes, when the potatoes are soft, they can be cooked. Don’t cook too bad potatoes, otherwise it will reduce the therapeutic effect, and it should not be too hard, otherwise it is not suitable for patients with gastric ulcer.

When eating, the more scientific method is once in the morning and evening. Eating on an empty stomach can directly cover the gastric mucosa, which can improve the therapeutic effect. Do not eat irritating foods such as peppers, peppers, alcohol, etc. during the course of taking. Blood sugar is unstable, it is not advisable to take honey, and the starch content in potatoes is high, so people with diabetes are not suitable for eating. Healthy people can eat moderately, can also spleen and stomach, benefit Qi, strengthen the body. When eating, the potatoes can be cut into filaments, just boil until softly cooked. Even if it is not equipped with honey, it is good for the spleen and stomach.