How does a person with heavy moisture release moisture?

How does a person with heavy moisture release moisture?
First, Artemisia soba

Many people know that Artemisia argyi is a medicinal material that can remove colds. Many people use the method of soaking the feet to play this role. In fact, Artemisia oleifera is also used for bathing. During the process of dehumidifying through artemisia leaves bathing, people also need to pause to eat some cold and cold foods, and can no longer let moisture invade the body again, and slowly you will notice a noticeable change in physique.

Second, barley red bean congee

In Shennong’s Materia Medica, indica rice is used as a first-class medicinal ingredient. Chixiaodou itself has the effect of nourishing the heart and blood. For friends who are heavy in moisture, they can boil rice and chixiaodou together for good use. The effect of dehumidification and weight loss.

Third, hot water feet

A good way to deal with moisture in the body is to soak your feet in hot water, especially when it is hot in summer or autumn. Soaking your feet in hot water will allow the body’s moisture to escape from the body better. But many people ignore this method in the hot summer, so that the moisture in the body becomes more and more serious. In the process of soaking feet with hot water, some dehumidified Chinese medicinal materials can also be added to make the effect of the room better.

Fourth, sports dehumidification

Many young people or middle-aged people now have relatively severe moisture, a large part of which is due to inattention to diet, and another part is due to lack of basic exercise. Therefore, in the process of dehumidification, care should be taken to choose a suitable method for exercise. Appropriate exercise can allow excess water in the body to be discharged, and also accelerate the body’s blood metabolism cycle, which can effectively play a dehumidifying effect.

The health conditions encountered by people of different constitutions in life are different, and the treatment methods are naturally different. It is recommended that you choose the right improvement method based on your actual situation, so that the body can reduce the probability of disease. It can also keep the body in a good state of health.