How to choose a delicious pineapple?

Recently, I fell in love with pineapple rice, sour and sweet, especially delicious. However, it is difficult to get me when I choose the ingredients. At first glance, the pineapples are all the same. How do you choose them to eat?

According to experts, if you want to choose a delicious pineapple, you have to look at it from several aspects:

1, Look at the appearance color

The color of pineapple is light yellow or bright yellow, which can be eaten directly. The color is light yellow and the greenish luster is slightly. This is generally eight-point cooked. If it is eaten on the same day, the appearance is light yellow. If it takes two days to eat. Optional microstrips are green and lustrous.

2, Look at the flesh

After cutting, the fruit of the good quality pineapple is shallow and small, the interior is light yellow and dense, the flesh is thick and the fruit core is small. The inferior pineapple has deep and many fruit, some of which can reach the pineapple core and have large internal tissue gap. The flesh is thin and the fruit core is thick. If the immature pineapple pulp is crisp, the color is somewhat white.

3, Touch the appearance hardness

Gently press the pineapple with your hand. Hard and inelastic is the raw pineapple; quite solid and micro-Microsoft is better maturity; those who are over-embedded or even depressed are over-ripened pineapples; if there is juice overflow, the fruit has deteriorated.

4, Sniffing with the nose

I smell the pineapple scent with my nose. The immature pineapple smells no smell. The outside is light and fragrant. After cutting, the aroma is ripe pineapple. The pineapple with a strong aroma on the outer skin indicates maturity.

5, Look at the shape of the appearance

The high-quality pineapple has a cylindrical shape or a slightly pointed oval shape, and the size is even and moderate, the fruit shape is correct, and the number of bud eyes is small.