How to drink the first cup of water in the morning?

The concept of “healing a cup of water in the morning” has gradually developed into a daily life habit.

Experts also said that it is very necessary to get up early to drink water. Because the physiological activities such as breathing and perspiration of the human body consume a lot of water in the body, the human body is in a state of water shortage after waking up, and it is necessary to replenish water in time.

Studies have shown that getting up in the morning to drink a large glass of water, to prevent constipation, regulate the stomach, clear the brain, beauty and beauty. In addition, drinking water early can dilute blood concentration and reduce blood viscosity, thus avoiding the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In this way, the benefits of getting the first cup of water early are many. So how do we drink? Is it to drink before mouthwash or drink after mouthwash? Can you drink overnight? What kind of water is better to drink? Experts answer you one by one.

1, Do you want to drink water first?

This has always been a tangled thing for many people. Ren Yunjiang, the attending physician of Zhangqiu District Chinese Medicine Hospital, advises everyone to drink water first, because people will have some food residue or dirt on their teeth when they sleep at night. When they combine with the calcium salt in saliva, they will form plaque and Toothstone. If you don’t drink water directly, you will bring these bacteria and dirt together into the human body, which is not good for your health.

2, Can you drink water overnight?

Affected by the saying that “alternative food is harmful”, people are extremely worried about the issue of “can you drink overnight”.

Hong Zhongxin, chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital, said there was no scientific evidence that the water could not be drunk overnight. Unlike overnight tea, which is easily infected by microorganisms, which causes nitrite to increase, tap water that has been sterilized by high temperature is rarely contaminated by other harmful substances when it is left for one or two days.

3, Light salt water, honey water, boiled water …..? Which kind of water is best for drinking?

With so many kinds of water, it is almost difficult to choose. Hong Zhongxin advises everyone, it is best to drink boiled water at 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C. The reasons are as follows:

1, Drinking light salt water will increase blood pressure. Drinking light salt water will increase the body’s sodium salt, which is easy to produce dry mouth, which leads to an increase in blood pressure in the body.

2, Honey water is not suitable for everyone to drink. For those who are not intolerant to fructose, drinking honey water may cause diarrhea; because honey contains fructose, diabetics drink too much and cause blood sugar to rise; people with high uric acid are not suitable for drinking honey water, honey is high sugar High-calorie foods are eventually broken down into uric acid, which can cause gout.

3, Boiled water is called the most “burden” of water, suitable for most people to drink.

Drinking on an empty stomach: Drinking the first cup of water in the morning should be done without eating other foods. Otherwise, it will not be able to wash the stomach and promote blood circulation in the body.

Small mouth drink: the speed of drinking water should not be too fast. If you drink too fast and move too hard, it may cause nausea and vomiting, and it can lead to high blood pressure.

Drink in moderation: Do not drink too much in the first cup of water in the morning, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach. In general, 300 ml is the most appropriate, if you are thirsty, you can drink a little more.

Water is a necessary substance for the body every day. It is the simplest and most important. You can’t drink or drink too much. When do you drink? What kind of water do you drink? It is a question worthy of our attention.