How to eat oryzanol and vitamin B12?

Oryzanol and vitamin B12 are one of the nutrients needed by the human body. If it is lacking, it will cause such problems, but whether it is necessary to take supplements, or to confirm that the body does not exist, or indeed need to be supplemented To add, otherwise, if you add too much, it will cause such problems.

Although it has the word “vitamin” in the name, it is not a vitamin, but like vitamins, oryzanol is also a nutrient required by the human body. It is a fat-soluble nutrient, mainly found in In the epidermis of coarse grain cereals, high concentrations of oryzanol are contained in rice bran oil. Don’t look at oryzanol, but for the nutritional nerves, oryzanol is a very important nutrient.

In medicine, “neuropathy” is not a swearing word, but a general term for a class of diseases. It refers to a disorder in the patient’s nervous system, which leads to a series of related symptoms. The problems caused by nervous system problems include insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, depression, depression, sweating, dizziness, and attention. Inability to concentrate, memory loss, fatigue, partial eclipse, oral ulcers, loss of appetite, digestive tract ulcers, etc., but it should be pointed out that it is not the above symptoms, it must represent a problem in the nervous system, whether it is caused by The above problems caused by neuropathy also need to be confirmed by a doctor’s specific diagnosis.

Oryzanol is a nutrient that nourishes the nerves, regulates autonomic nerve function, and improves symptoms such as endocrine disorders and mental disorders caused by autonomic disorders. Therefore, oryzanol can be used for problems such as insomnia, depression, and tension caused by autonomic disorders. It can also be used to relieve menstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome, and related symptoms caused by various neurosis. An important adjunct to the disease. For insomnia caused by autonomic disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, heart rate disorders and other issues, taking oryzanol nutrition plant nerves, often have a good conditioning improvement.

Oryzanol is a fat-soluble nutrient. It is usually recommended to take 10~20mg once a day, 3 times a day. It is better to absorb and absorb after meals. Usually the side effects are rare. However, if the oryzanol is added in excess, it may cause adverse reactions such as hair loss, stomach discomfort, nausea, breast pain, weight gain, etc. Therefore, whether or not to add oryzanol, how much to add, need to be confirmed by the doctor, It is advisable to take it with your doctor.

Let’s talk about vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is one of the B vitamins, also known as cobalamin. It is the only vitamin containing metal (cobalt). Vitamin B12 is important in maintaining the normal hematopoietic function of the human body. The physiological function, while maintaining the normal metabolism of folic acid, vitamin B12 also has a certain synergistic effect, and it is also involved in the synthesis of fatty acids, is also an important vitamin for nerve protection and nutrition. Generally speaking, the body’s demand for vitamin B12 is not large, but due to certain factors, it may lead to the lack of vitamin B12, which leads to the emergence of anemia and other issues. In general, the following groups can pay attention to vitamin B12 levels. Monitoring and supplementation –

  1. Diabetes patients take metformin for a long time to control blood sugar;
  2. Long-term heavy drinking;
  3. Patients with atrophic gastritis, malabsorption of nutrition;
  4. Children are unresponsive, sleep or even have anemia problems;
  5. Older people.

Under normal circumstances, through daily reasonable diet, eat more animal food, milk, etc., can supplement the body’s vitamin B12 demand, unless there is a clear vitamin B12 deficiency, you need to take supplemental drugs for vitamin B12 Supplementation, and excessive vitamin B12 supplementation, may cause asthma, eczema, facial edema, chills, pain in the precordial area, etc., excessive vitamin B12 supplementation, will also cover up the problem of folic acid deficiency in the body, not worth the candle.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that both oryzanol and vitamin B12 are in the category of nutrients. If the body is not lacking, or if there are no related symptoms that need to be supplemented with these nutrients for conditioning, then do not need to take supplements to supplement, eat more coarse grains. It can effectively supplement oryzanol; in the diet structure, add a small amount of meat and egg milk, you can meet the vitamin B12 supplement demand, food supplement is better than medicine, and it is really safe and safe to take medicine.