How to prevent acne from happening?

Acne is a common disease in the anus, which can occur at any age, but with increasing age, the incidence is gradually increasing. In China, cockroaches are the most common anorectal diseases, and they are known as “ten men and nine baboons” and “ten women and ten babies”. In the United States, the incidence of ticks is about 5%. The disease seriously affects the patient’s physical health and daily life. Hemorrhoids are divided into three types: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids are treated differently depending on the condition. In addition, the prevention of acne is extremely important.

  1. Don’t stay for a long time: Because of the posture maintained during squatting, it can promote the venous vein from congestion, affecting venous blood return, causing or aggravating acne symptoms.
  2. After-sale cleaning: Patients with acne are wiped clean with soft toilet paper, some toilet paper is too rough, and some toilet papers also contain fluorescent chemicals, so the public should pay attention to distinguish. If possible, it is best to wash with water to help clean the anus.
  3. Eat more fiber: Drinking water can soften the stool in the intestines. The crude fiber food can promote bowel movements, which can help defecation. Foods rich in fiber include most vegetables, fruits, and unrefined cereals and potatoes.
  4. Lubricate the anus: Acne cream or hemorrhoids plugs purchased through regular channels, can be used to lubricate the anus, help the stool to discharge, and can also relieve pain locally, to some extent relieve discomfort. If you feel trouble, you can apply a little Vaseline.
  5. Appropriate exercise: Do not sit for a long time, sit for 45 minutes and get active for 5 minutes, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of acne. Do not stand for a long time, standing for weight for a long time will also cause venous congestion.
  6. Do not lift heavy objects: Lifting objects can also cause abdominal pressure to rise, and excessive force should be avoided.
  7. Do not scratch the affected area: the area of ​​the acne sometimes itchy, do not scratch, once scratched, it will cause infection, it will aggravate the condition.
  8. Control of weight: overweight, excessive pressure on the lower extremities, and varicose veins are also prone to occur. Eating too much can also cause an increase in abdominal pressure.
  9. Expected health care: Try to turn over every 4-6 hours. It is best to sleep to the left, which will reduce the weight of the lower body.